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Taste it TV @ Livejournal

Taste iT TV
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Welcome to the official Livejournal community of Taste It TV!

Taste it TV is a music tv channel with interviews, shows and pictures of your favorite artists. We are all about being real, we care a lot about music and we put our heart in everything we do. Our motto is being honest, being real and understanding. So no censorship in our interviews, we try to show people as they are... Some interviews are about serious subjects, political, social, religious, some are just fun. It all depends on our mood and on the people we interview. Just keep an open mind, watch them, you might discover something new about your favorite band or you might discover a band that has the same views as you... Check it out on tasteittv.com!

Posts will be locked, but membership is open, so join if you want to see the entries.

We like to hear from you, so let us know what you think of the pics, the interviews, the bands,... Concrit is always welcome as well :)


The Taste It Team

PS: Show us some love by using our pics, banners, games on your sites, myspace and forums :) <3

Membership Rules

This community has open membership, so we urge everybody to join, we love members! :D
However, members do not have posting access. The maintainers are the only people that will post on this community, with old or new media.

You can, however, comment on the entries and if you have any suggestions to make (a band we should really check out, a gig you think one of us should go take pictures at, etc) feel free to mail us or add us on IM! :D

If you happen to be doing a mission for Taste It TV and you need posting access, please contact the maintainers through IM, email, or MySpace!


E-mail: missfia@gmail.com
AIM: fiannafialena
MSN: funky_lady21@hotmail.com

E-mail: tzjeetaajnie@gmail.com
AIM: itsallinmyhead49
MSN: rima.152@gmail.com

E-mail: lena.gealach@gmail.com
AIM: freakishndazed11
MSN: lena.gealach@gmail.com

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