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Oh dear, it's been a while...

Hello everyone,

I know it's been ages since I posted. Exams caught up with me, and then there was work and now I'm studying again, and I kept procrastinating. I'm sorry.

There are three interviews on youtube that I haven't posted about yet. I'll post those under a cut.

Two interviews with Stephan from Apoptygma Berzerk.

At Gothic Festival:

At Blackfield Festival:

And one interview with Peter Spilles form Project Pitchhfork & Santa Hates You:

For new pictures check out Brigitte's Facebook! link: http://www.facebook.com/brigitte.tasteittv

New pics include The Birthday Massacre, Apoptygma Berzerk, HOCICO, Welle:Erdball, and lots more taken at Blackfield Festival. There are also pictures of The Blackout at Den Atelier in Luxembourg (could've sworn I already posted those, but no... :/).

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Does anyone else think this layout is getting a bit old? After exams I'll try and make it prettier.

Thanks for watching! Have a nice day!


Taste iT TV
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